Saturday, December 29, 2012

Taiwan 2012 - 炸弹葱油饼

The famous oft-touted 炸弹葱油饼 in Hualien.
We asked our minsu owner about it on the way from the train station when we first arrived, and he brought us here. He suggested that we get it from any of the stalls along this street, as they tasted almost the same. We took a picture of another stall next to the one we bought from. That one had a longer queue.
It's egg with condiments, and deep fried till it expands in a large wok of oil. and some savoury sauce is added to it.
Fragrant but oily so we weren't in a hurry to eat too much of it.
One is more than enough for a few persons to try.
I am not too sure of the exact location though. So if anyone can point out where the street is located, please do.

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