Friday, May 31, 2013


Happy with the free flow kimchi and salad buffet on the side. All the kimchi and big headed sprouts we could want for.

Catching up on old times.
Quick, over the lunchbreak.

Kkongdon Korean BBQ

Crispy pork knuckle

and German beer. The chewy sour and spice doughbread went well with the butter and meat pate.

At Paulaner Brauhaus. After a heady evening listening, wishing and planning for a home away from home. The head overruled the heart.

breakfast and books

Breakfast at IKEA and then off to run errands and back for the book sale at the Expo!

Hoshino Coffee House

At plaza sing.

A busy Japanese-styled coffee house. Pretty little steel pots of syrup and cream and a fluffy tall pancake to go with the ice cold coffee. Perfect for a hot Sunday.

Felt craft - hair clips

In the mood and so had been looking up on felt projects. Working on felt reminds me of Home Economics class and the little stuffed felt pieces we proudly handed up.

Now that I'm on it, made these for the little girls. Happy that they are well appreciated.

Sushi Tei

Yummy mushroom miso soup

Felt craft - Cookies and cupcake

Lovely craft found online!

The Line

An afternoon off. Dining at The Line.

Pleased with my cheese platter

Barcook bakery

Yummy buns

Potato and nacho (cheese) bun
Kimchi rice bun with chewy bits of ricecake

Lao Ban soya beancurd

Yummy chilled tau huay. I had the almond flavored one.

Some outlets include Raffles City and Tampines Mall.

Chicken soup for the weary soul