Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ondeh ondeh

That and Kueh Kosui. From Maxwell Market. The items run out fast. No thanks to me buying 25 pcs of each back for the office folks and back for home.

Jack's Place

A farewell lunch with M who's taking NPL.
A rare get together for it was with A and J too.

Matsuo Bento

A post-event celebration lunch.

Matsuo bento. All of $27 before taxes. Happy we did feel!

Cold udon and beef wrapped with kimchi and lettuce

A very yummy weekend dinner.

Since we were feeling lazy, we stir fried the need instead of doing a table grill.

Pineapple cake

It did not look ad good as it tasted.

Wowed by the simple cinnamon-laced sponge cake

Faber Bistro

At Faber Bistro. On Mt Faber.

Lovely little edible flowers adorn the accompanying salad. We tried the sausage stew, eggs Benedictine and fish & chips, and were not disappointed.

Pong pia

Nice pong pia, from Malaysia.

Table grill

Japanese-Korean style restaurant at The Central.