Monday, August 5, 2013

Baked rice and willow mushrooms

A most satisfying dinner

Baked rice with cheese and beef Bolognese sauce.

Sides of :
- willow mushrooms sautéed with butter and soya sauce
- broccoli, tomatoes and carrots
- 'toasted' chicken wings

Bo Bo cha cha

We had bananas that were too ripe and some leftover sweet potatoes.

So these went into the pot of brown sugary water. Together with sago beads and colorful Bo Bo cha cha chewy bits. And the final touch was coconut cream.

Sinful but heavenly.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Birthday and French pot

Pot au feu

Adventure time cake

Birthday BBQ for R

R turns 5.
A birthday BBQ.

The beef and pork belly slices were bought frozen from Sol Mart at Novena Square for about $12 per kg.

The nice kimchi too.

Windowsill Pies

Previously at pandan valley. They are now at Horne Road and are now more than just yummy pies.

Main items from the lunch/dinner menu are rotated each fortnight. The serve ups today are from a guest chef. While tasty - the duck with curiously short basmati rice laden with fragrant cumin a la briyani and nuts and raisin - the food portions were little. A peek at the next table shows a small little jar of onion soup.

And the pies! Banana toffee and Lemon meringue. The banana one was the winner for us.