Saturday, December 29, 2012

Taiwan 2012 - Shilin night market

We snuck off late in the night after the kids had gone to bed.

These we tried,

蚝仔煎Oyster omelette
豪大大雞排 (fried chicken cutlet)
Stinky tofu
Milk with grass jelly
outside Shilin Night Market
Outside Shilin Night Market.
 In the area, you can find food and games stalls, as well as clothing and souvenir shops.
Food stalls in the basement. This area was not a huge as I expected
where we sat down for stinky tofu and oh-ar-jian 蚝仔煎
confortable seating area
oh-ar-jian 蚝仔煎
stinky tofu with pao4 cai4
大餅包小餅 bun in a bun
There's a huge variety of flavours to choose from.
The flavours come from flavoured powder, so don't expect to find say, yam, in your bun
大餅包小餅 preparing the outer bun
大餅包小餅 the brown flaky pastries are the small buns

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