Saturday, July 14, 2012

A birthday BBQ

It drizzled and poured, then poured and drizzled. From dawn we waited pensively willing the rain to please stop. Toggle we did : Plan A or Plan B? Plan B or Plan A? And it finally stopped. On the dot. At 5.45pm, the time we were to receive our pre-ordered food from the BBQ wholesaler.

And celebrate our boy's birthday we did, a birthday BBQ he asked for.

*fried bee hoon
*chicken curry
*the obligatory chicken wings, sausages, satay, otah, sambal stingray, sweet potatoes
*button mushrooms in cheese packed into foil cups. Great BBQ item to make on our own next time
*store-bought baguette to soak up the curry sauce
*home-blended pineapple sauce, to go with the satay sauce
*homemade salad using iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, onion slices, minced garlic, crabstick chunks with a random but yummy sesame dressing from Daiso
*homemade yakitori sticks of bacon and golden mushroom, and with young asparagus (400g bacon for about 14 adults. 1.5 bundle of golden mushroom. 1 small pack of young asparagus)
*home-prepared dessert of canned longans and honey sea coconut with lemon slices (2 cans longan, 1 can honey sea coconut, lots of ice)

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