Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rice dumplings - grandma's recipe

Grandma's Nonya Chang

What goes into the filling

Dried Shitake Mushrooms, soaked, rinsed, diced
Coriander Powder, along with five-spicce powder and white pepper powder
Fried Shallots
Ready-made ones make the job easier
Candied Wintermelon, diced

Fry diced pork (belly pork &' shoulder butt') and add the above ingredients.
 Add dark soya sauce, fry till fragrant
Filling is done

Preparing the rice 
Glutinous rice, soaked overnight and drained

Garlic fried in oil till fragrant
Add to rice in wok and fry. Add salt.

The workstation

To prepare the bamboo leaves,
scald them with hot water, and leave to soak overnight, then drain.
No need to wipe dry

The wrapping

Boil for 1hr 5min over high heat in a covered
Grandma's signature plaits

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