Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wild Honey

Food is good at this restaurant that serves hearty breakfast meals all day. But be prepared to pay (we were happy to do so for good food).

*Tunisian breakfast - a tomato based stew studded with chorizo sausage pieces, small side salad, 2 perfectly poached eggs and 2 slices of brioche for you to soak up all the tasty juices and yolk with ($19)

*English breakfast - sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, dad's baked beans (not the mushy type), tomato, mushrooms (mix of shitake and button), bread ($24)

*fresh bread basket (5 types), paired with raspberry jam, honey and butter. ($12)


*queen bee (refreshing drink made from grapefruit juice and honey) ($9)

- the restaurant at Scotts Square is larger than the one at Mandarin Gallery, and chances of getting a seat are better
- you must make reservations at the Wild Honey website. Seats go fast. Only the one at Scotts Square take reservations.
- if you don't like sitting outdoor in the humid heat at its otherwise pretty verandah, consider stating so in your reservation details. Also if you are fussy about getting prompt service, you may want to avoid the verandah since you will need to wave a bit at the dark glass not knowing if you caught the eye of any waiting staff.
- this place generated some negative chatter earlier in 2012 after an irate customer complained about the waiting staff favoring Caucasian guests.
- $$$$

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