Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oriole Cafe

Located at Pacific Serviced Suites (enter from the ground level cafe stretch at 313). Had read about it online and of how it's a hidden find. It also came well recommended on a few food sites. And so I was expecting it to be hard to locate. It turned out that it's a cafe I've walked past several times whilst at 313.

The ambience was nice except that we're in a rush and have had our fill elsewhere.

Good coffee drinks.

The fish and chips tastes better than it looks on the plate. The batter's nicely flavored with Indian spices. The dish could have come with some greens - afterall first impression counts.

The waitress was not flexible enough to allow us a seat at a larger table we want although the place was quiet then.

I might visit again. For its coffee and maybe cakes.

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