Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Natural starter - raisin yeast water

Sterilised jar 
Boiled then cooled down water, 250ml
Raisins, 100g

Every day, open the lid to let in air then close it and shake gently. 

Depending on room temperature, the yeast water should be ready in 3-7 days. 

Day 0

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3
Some fizz ...

Day 4

End of Day 5

Preparing the starter - 

Feed 1 : 
100g strained raisin yeast water
100g bread flour 

In 3 hrs

In another 4.5 hrs 

Once the mix has doubled or tripled in volume (at room temperature), you can start to do feed 2.

Feed 2 :
100g of the starter (discard the rest)
100ml water
100g bread flour
2g salt (I use slightly less)

Mix well and keep at room temperature till the starter doubles or triples in volume. And you can go for third feed. 

Feed 3:
Same steps as feed 2
Once the starter doubles or triples in volume, you can use 100g of it for baking   Most recipes using natural starters use 100g starter. 
Keep 100g of the remaining starter to sustain for future bakes. Same steps as feed 2. After two hrs or so (about double), you can keep in the fridge and feed it every week using the steps at feed 2. When you need to bake, you need to refresh it (feed it) and keep at room temperature to double/ triple it. 

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