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Maid Passport Renewal (Indonesian)

How to Renew Maid Passport (Indonesian)
How to renew Indonesian maid employment contract and work permit



·         Indonesian Embassy [at Singapore] website: 

·         Submission of documents for passport renwal is from 9am to 12noon
·         Collection is 2-3 days later, from 3pm to 5pm (Ramadan period till 4pm only).
·         Check the Indonesian Embassy website (holidays) to confirm that they are open, as they follow Indonesia holidays / election season. http://www.kemlu.go.id/singapore/Pages/AboutUs.aspx?IDP=3&l=en

·         You need to download a form from Indo embassy website and ask your maid to fill in
·         Other documents required are:
- Original and photocopy of work permit
- Original and photocopy of Employer NRIC
- Original and photocopy of 1st and last page of maid's passport

There are visitor parking lots at the Indonesian Embassy, but numbers are limited. 
I usually will take a cab to the Indonesian Embassy for passport renewal in the morning. And when I am done in the late morning, I usually find no problem getting a cab from the taxi queue outside the embassy. 

I did not have problems with parking when I drove to collect passport in the afternoon (I arrived at about 2.55pm). I suppose it's because passport collection is faster and it's all done in the afternoon, so most visitors are out fast. 


Bring your maid along. Some people bring babies or kids so I guess that’s allowed if there's no one to care for them at home.

Wear long skirt or pants. Otherwise the guardhouse will give you a batik cloth to cover up.

I reached at 9am via taxi. For two adults' entry at guardhouse, I gave driving license and Passion card (or any card that bears a name.) (DO NOT hand in your nric card as you will need it inside embassy).

Renew passport

Go to level 1 of main building.
Queue up to get queue number.
An officer might be there at queue to do a prelim check that you have your correct documents and photocopies.

Get a queue number, and wait near Counter 1 / Counter 2.
At the Counter, after processing, they will give you a slip. They will keep the old passport.
Bring the slip to cashier at same floor. Pay cash $38 in total - this includes payment for photographs. Cashier will then give you a cashier receipt.

Then wait for name (of applicant) to be called over the speaker system.
Applicant (maid) to go into door next to Counter 1/Counter 2 for photo taking.
Applicant needs to hand them the cashier receipt.
They don’t allow employers inside the photo-taking room.

Photo taking done (no physical copies given. It is stored their computer system).
Applicant will be given back the same cashier receipt with stamp chops on it stating the following :
-          Collection date/time (passport should be ready within 2 to 3 days)
-          Reminder to bring copy of employment contract with cashier receipt when collecting new passport.
-          Collection must be done in person by applicant. Or employer. Or someone living in same household stated in maid work permit.

Renew employment contract

After you are done at Level 1, go to level 2.

Get queue number from level 2 Receptionist Counter, to wait for interview for purpose of renewing employment contract.

Interview process (with employer and maid) :
- Interviewer will ask to see employer's original nric, applicant work permit and cashier receipt
- interviewer will ask you what is new salary for maid and number of days off per month which interviewer will key into employment contract (so you need to discuss with maid beforehand)

Then wait for receptionist to call you, to hand you the endorsed new employment contract.
Receptionist will ask to see the cashier receipt and hand that back to you.
Receptionist may also hand you/maid a brochure on KTKLN card application (note : the new contract will be needed for maid to apply for KTKLN card in Indonesia. KTKLN card is needed to ensure smooth clearance at Indonesian immigration when maid returns to Singapore at the end of home leave) 

We managed to complete passport renewal and contract renewal by 10.45am.
(to collect new passport in 2-3 working days time as indicated on cashier receipt.)

Collect new passport

On collection day/time, queue up at Counter 1 / 2 to collect new passport. Remember to bring relevant documents. No need to get queue number from the machine - just join the (snaking) queue at Counter 1 / 2. Collection is quite fast once the counter opens. The embassy will also return the old passport.

Note : 

  • When you collect the new passport, check that your address (i.e. employer address) is printed on the last page of maid's new passport. More information about this at the "Home Leave" section (subsection "Arrival Report") at the Indonesian Embassy website. http://www.kemlu.go.id/singapore/Pages/AboutUs.aspx?IDP=108&l=en
  • This, along with KTKLN card, is required for smooth immigration clearance when your maid passes through Indonesian immigration to come back to Singapore at the end of her home leave. More information about the KTKLN card is here : http://www.kemlu.go.id/singapore/Pages/AboutUs.aspx?IDP=111&l=en  Your maid can only apply for the KTKLN card in Indonesia. 

Next steps : 

- Next step after passport renewal and new employment contract is to purchase maid insurance. I get mine from NTUC and it can be done over the phone. You can take up the optional "Waiver of Counter Indemnity". With this, your $5,000 bond liability imposed by MOM is limited to only $250 if you did not cause the breach of the bond. As this is an optional feature, you will need to pay an additional premium for it. So for me, I will usually purchase the plan called "MI3E". The agent over the phone will advise you when you can start renewing the WP online (there is some processing required backend between insurer and MOM).

- after about two days (to be advised by the insurer), you can proceed to the MOM website to renew maid's Work Permit. (The two days' wait is needed for the insurance company to transmit data on the insurance to MOM database). (take note that 6 to 8 weeks before the WP expires, MOM will mail a renewal notice/application form to employer. You won't be able to renew WP online prior to getting the letter)

- collect work permit when it is ready. (in my case, i was given an option to request for delivery by courier)

- If your maid has been in Singapore more than 5 years, see this - In my case, as my maid had been in Singapore for over 5 years, MOM requires her to report to MOM (Bendemeer) Hall C to complete some paperwork (phototaking and fingerprinting). So I had to make an appointment online for my maid, and then on that day, I accompanied my maid down. 

  • Maid is advised to be there 15 min before appointed time. Good to be early, although they won't let you in to the booths earlier than 15 min before appointment time. 
  • There was a makeshift carpark (FOC) at Bendemeer, just ouside MOM building, but I noticed it got crowded after 10am. We were there early for a 9.50am apppointment and had no problems getting a parking lot. You can also park within MOM compound, parking charges apply. 
  • The procedure at MOM was quite fast. Remember to bring all required documents otherwise it is a wasted trip.
  • When the paperwork was done, the booth staff told us that we can expect the work permit to arrive in the mail within the next 4 working days. 
- When your maid returns from home leave, you can apply for "waiver of levy" (i.e. to apply for the Government to give you a pro-rated reimbursement of foreign worker levy for the period she went home for at least 7 days). More information here :  http://www.mom.gov.sg/foreign-manpower/passes-visas/work-permit-fdw/before-you-apply/Pages/default.aspx#WaiverLevy  

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