Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kampong Glam

A sojourn into the Kampong Glam area, the seat of Malay heritage and its early days commerce and trade. An enriching visit to the newly refurbished Malay Heritage Centre, and the surrounding area.

Lunch at Rumah Makan Minang. Hot and spicy. Since we were in a large party, we had a heavy meal complete with 12 items:
Ikan Assam pedas
Sayur lodeh
Korma (yellow coconut curry with grilled chicken)
Sambal goreng
Grilled Chicken with chili Sauce
Sotong cooked in its ink and spice
Tauhu telor
Dessert of Pulut hitam
Bandung / lime juice
Teh tarik / kopi Tarik

Cakes from the Rich and Good Cake Shop, popular not for its service, but its cakes that keep customers coming.

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